Real Viril X Reviews are hard to figure out. This is because Viril X is not talking about: customer reviews reporting side effects, an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. Or that it could take 6 months of daily use for erection help for ED symptoms.

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In this Supplement Secrets® Viril X Review we’ll cover:  for erectile dysfunction, best male enhancement supplement? 

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By Bob Estep, Editor, Supplement Secrets®; Contributing Writers: Marlene Wheeler, and Amanda Rickard, Research Assistant

Supplement Secrets® is issuing an Official Red Flag Warning for this supplement. For consumers, use caution and consider alternatives.

1. Truth About Viril X for Sexual Performance?

In this Viril X Review, we will explore: In a bedroom – LETDOWN or  ultimate for improving sexual performance?

Viril X comes from the word “Virility.” This means enhanced sexual activity. Sexual performance is a big male worry. Most men want a remedy to treat Erectile Dysfunction. But, for a long time, “the blue pill” has been a large safety risk.

Is Viril X WRONG Male Enhancement Product?

An important point in this Viril X Review: For stronger erections in bed, many guys won’t buy prescription ED meds like Viagra. Even Over the Counter generics like Hims, Roman, and Bluechew, are just another “Tom, Dick, and Harry.”

Same symptoms as Cialis and Levitra!  (It’s hard to feel like an Alpha Male with embarrassing face flushing and painful headaches!)

Millions choose all natural enhancement for increased blood flow to their penis fast. Many pick over the counter viagra substitutes that are rock sure and fast acting. This is how to get bigger harder longer.

If this is your first time, you’ve come to the right place. These OTC alternatives are called “male enhancement pills.”

Keep in mind: it’s very hard to find the best in retail stores. For an example, see our Why It’s Gone – Hardon Helper at Walmart Review.

But even online – there are some websites selling pills that can be hazardous, and you need a heads up what you are getting into. One example is – see here our GTG Hard Reviews.

I’ll show you how to find the number one. I’ll also give you a “heads up” about what’s a scam and what is “legit.”

“Pro Tip: If you are a Man Over 50, the best supplement for erectile dysfunction is rarely a ‘Mass Market Blend’ like Viril X.”

For example, WRONG  ingredients can screw you. Don’t get blown away if you see: horny goat weed, maca, tribulus terrestris, american ginseng (cheapest ginseng root).

For strongest erections, you only want the RIGHT blend (I will tell you what they are.)

2. Who Makes Viril X?
(Real Facts)

Viril X’s online product worked to enhance male sexual performance by boosting testosterone. Dignity Biolabs claims more results: improve prostate strength.

Viril X even jawbones you will “beat premature ejaculation.”

But the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives these guys an “F”! I’m as stubborn as a Rhino. But even I will tell you – it takes a lot for this guard dog to give you an “F” Rating!

Worse, the official Viril X website doesn’t have experts or real customer reviews.  Everything you see is “5-Stars.”

The best products today are Specifically Made Blends. But Viril X is a “Mass Market” Blend for “Men of All Ages.”

Your ability to enjoy enhanced sexual performance is best guaranteed with a custom made blend. For older men, a pill for “Men of All Ages” can be unreliable and weak in YOUR bedroom.

If you can’t get aroused in front of a woman, this can embarrass you.

You might even think you have a sexual function problem!  But really you’re just using wrong product for your age group.

Viril male also hypes “Testosterone for harder erections.” This is BS. Don’t get me wrong – testosterone levels CAN affect your libido.

But pills to increase sex drive for males are different than “Erections on Demand.”

For sexual performance – to stay harder longer – you want male enhancement, NOT a “T-Booster”!

Viril X T-Booster is a large advertiser. “Review Sites” who back this  also spend big money. They boast benefits like:

  • “#1 Rated”
  • “Muscle Gain”
  • “ADD Size To Achieve Bigger and Harder Erections”

Beware: whether Viril X enhances sexual performance may be FALSE. And, in this review, I’ll explain how – even with a legal money back guarantee – the total Viril X price might cold cock your wallet!

3. Are Viril X Side Effects Possible?

Unfortunately, instead of sex drive, Viril X could give you side effects 24 hours a day!

In fact, our Supplement Secrets® analysis estimated as much as 93% of every Viril X Dose could potentially affect your blood circulation. (Keep reading for more on good and bad to your body in their natural ingredients).

Citing Clinical Tests, WebMD warns:

WebMD says side effects associated:

  • Increased blood pressure levels rapidly
  • Banned with any “meds” that break down in your liver (there are a ton out there!)
  • Disallowed with possible heart conditions, diabetes, stimulants (such as, cigars or cigarettes), erratic with with depression meds

Not only is Viril X loaded with Ginseng. Another aspect: it also contains Tribulus Terrestris.

Instead of an aphrodisiac that gets you bigger harder, WebMD cautions Tribulus is:

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4.  Viril X and Blood Pressure?
(Fact Checked)

Regarding Viril X Clinical Reviews, we see another problem”. These additives are NOT effective if you’re worried about rapid BP Levels!

This is a United States sex drive company. This testosterone booster claims they’re also the  “#1 Male Enhancer” and 100% safe.

But “Top Male Enhancement” would never stick a huge unknown amount of Ginseng in the same formula. Certainly if you have to take it every day!

Warning for men’s health: ginseng root may elevate levels of pressure rapidly in your bloodstream.

For what reasons?  As  Mayo Clinic explains: “Ginseng is best avoided by patients with high or low concerns…”

If you’re on BP meds, the Mayo Clinic says: “Medication you take could be metabolized so quickly that it loses its effectiveness. Result could be an increase in blood pressure.”

5. Viril X and COFFEE Risk? (WebMD)

Instead of arousal, there is also a Coffee risk.

This Internet rumor is not a surprise.

This enhancement supplement forces you to swallow an astounding shot of 3 different kinds of Ginseng every day. To see results for erections boost testosterone, time could be 6 months!

Remember, Viril X refuses to label exactly how much Ginseng are in their capsules. Mystery Balance!

You are supposed to buy another Viril X batch, and not ask questions!

“Not only do you to Wait Up to 6 months to see your Hardest Erections. But you also should Give Up Coffee!”

WebMD warns: “Do not drink any coffee or caffeine with Ginseng.” Coffee is contraindicated with Ginseng.

I don’t know about you – but I love my Cup of Morning Joe. I love coffee. I couldn’t “get going every morning” without it. And I couldn’t maintain my day without it.

As a guy in my 50’s, there’s no way I’m going to stop drinking coffee for 6 months just to take a Hard On Pill!

A Top Male product wouldn’t require this. I have too much going on everyday to endure painful migraine headaches and Caffeine Withdrawal. Especially at night.

Ginseng WILL get your heart rate up. But so will coffee. This is enough of a health danger that doctors do not allow it.

With this male enhancement product, you to wait up to 6 months to see your hardest erections. But you also have to give up coffee for 6 months to take it!

Look – almost every guy in America these days enjoys at least has 1 cup of coffee each morning (or, a lot more).  This is another shocking Viril X letdown to your sex life.

6. WHO Exactly is Viril X Made For?

According to Viril X – they are “Made for Men Of All Ages.”

Before we go further, you might be alarmed – especially if you are a guy over 40 or 50. What is best male enhancement supplement for you?

A danger with “Mass Market” stimulants is they’re usually produced for “Men of All Ages.” When you are made for “Men of All Ages,” you are not “Specifically Made” for anybody!

Younger Men are different from Men Over 50. Men Over 50 have different bodies. For stamina, we need specialized power.

“Would you pay your Auto Body Mechanic to perform your Heart Surgery? Would you hire your Heart Surgeon to Fix Your Car?”

But there is Good News. Today, you can get Specifically Made sex enhancers.

For example, Red Rex® is The First Natural Male Enhancer Specifically Made for Men Over 50®

It’s been rated as the highest ranked male enhancement pills from 2016-2019.

In fact, Red Rex is Specifically Made in 14 Different Ways Only for Men Over 50.

For 2 years, Red Rex tested several natural prototype formulas on Men Over 50 across America. Based on feedback from actual Men Over 50, the winning formula became “Red Rex.”

Red Rex Over 50 works very fast.  You do not have to take it every day. It features the best quality ingredients for older men. Including an elite extract of Horny Goat Weed.

Epimedium Brevicornum Maxim improves sexual desire. It’s also a natural PDE-5 inhibitor.

Most critical: Red Pill Male Enhancement was carefully formulated to Avoid Unwanted Side Effects.

Why buy “Men of All Ages” when you can get “Specifically Made for Men Over 50″! To me, this is a No-Brainer…

You know in your own life. If something is important to you, a “specialist” is always better than a “generalist.”

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7. Does Viril Work?

Let’s get back to Viril X Review. With their customer reviews, two main problems show up we see over and over. Is Viril really the #1 Rated Male? Consider this United States customer review:

“I had several issues with business… product didn’t work at all. ”

This man with erection problems then says: “When trying to get a refund, they made it very difficult to get.” Customer then says “I do not recommend doing business with Dignity Bio-Labs for these 2 reasons.”

Just like it takes a lot for BBB to give you an “F” rating, it takes a lot for all these customers to actually go out of their way to file a BBB complaint against Viril X.

For any product sold, there will always be “crazy people” that cannot be satisfied. But you won’t see this many red flags.

Unfortunately, just like myths about how long Extenze lasts (click here) when looking for most effective male enhancement, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

8. How FAST Does this OTC ED Work?

Here is another problem with Viril X. Time is always critical with a natural supplement. Will you feel rapid blood flow in just hours? Or a day? Or will it take many days?

Folks: Viril X does not work quick!

If you are asking me how many days for Viril X to start working for maximum results: Dignity Bio Labs admits up to 180 days.

Keep in mind you have to take Viril X every day, 7 days a week!

Yes, you heard correct: 6 Months of taking 2 capsules a day, every day. Even if you are not having sex!

We saw Viril X put an Unknown Amount of Ginseng in this pill. And that WebMD advises, for safety, NOT to drink coffee or caffeine with this kind of Daily Ginseng.

With Viril X, not only will you have to wait 6 months to see your hardest erections. But you may have to go 6 months without a cup of coffee!

Given that almost every guy in America these days at least has 1 cup of coffee each morning (or, a lot more).

Another unwanted Viril X side effect to your sex life.

(See My Top 22 Rated Erection Pills by Clicking This Picture:)

9. Viril X Ingredients Label

Viril X claims this Ingredients Blend was developed for “Alcoholic Men in St. Petersburg Russia” who had erection problems.

But an investigation of this “label” pointed out this identical  label was seen back in 2011 with a brand called PHGH!

That featured a porn star that didn’t exist named “John Lawrence.” Their pictures of a porn star were actually Stock Photos from Getty Images.

Was the Viril X formula really created for alcoholics in St. Petersberg, Russia? Or is this more marketing mumbo-jumbo?

I’ve seen this identical label on a ton of other supplements! What is going on?

➡︎ Outline of All Topics

10. How Do You Take This?

Viril X wants you to take 2 tablets per day. 1 every morning and 1 every night. Even if you are not having sex that day!

I’m a man over 50. If you’re like me, you are already taking enough vitamins and meds for other things. I like to a sex stimulant- but not every single day.

On Friday nights, each weekend, and when I’m relaxing in the clubhouse after being on the golf course – I also like to enjoy some “adult beverages.”

Is drinking alcohol going to interfere with it?

Also,  in warmer weather, I’m away from home travelling on weekends.

“What guy over 50 wants to take a sex pill every night – especially when you are taking other supplements, vitamins, or even meds? Especially if you are not having sex that day?”

But when you look at more troubles in 4 of the Ingredients, it’s another problem for How To Dose.

2 tablets a day for 30 days is 60 capsules!

Viril X gives you 21 Ingredients for a total of 1,221 mg. Their 4 herbs with concerns are: Korean Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, American Ginseng, and Eleuthero. These 4 are in an unknown quantity as part of a larger 1,221 mg.

11. You Won’t Believe this Viril X Dosage

In this Viril X Review, we’ve already seen there are a potential of 1,204 mg of chancy danger in EACH daily serving (2 tablets).

For a 1 month supply of Viril X: 60 tablets of 1,204 mg per day for 30 days means you will swallow 36,120 mg of potential risky ingredients.

In 2 months, another Viril X batch soon becomes: you swallow 120 at 72,240 mg.

In just 3 months you put into your mouth 180 Viril X Capsules and ingest a disturbing 108,360 mg.

In just 4 months you put into your stomach an astounding 240 Viril X Tablets.

In 4 months, Viril X wants you to ingest an alarming 144,480 mg into your stomach of possible harm.

You get the picture.

Safe Male Enhancement Pills are important. Especially when you consider what potential side effects could do to the people you love

Is Viril X worth it to your body? Can you stay in control of your health continually ingesting these Viril X ingredients?

You are also a: boyfriend, husband, father, an employee (or boss) and a friend.

What will happen to: your wife, your kids, your girlfriend, your close friends, your work colleagues? All these other people in your life depend on you.

Depending on your medical condition,  it’s not just you who is affected. You have relationships with all these family and friends.

Please consider this before you buy Viril X. Especially when you can buy alternatives that work faster, cheaper, and zero risk.

12. The Viril X Risks Possible EVERY DAY

Remember you need to take Viril every single day. Even if you are not having sex that day.

A shocking 93% of each serving (2 Tablets) could have Wild Blood Pressure Swings. This viagra alternative has 21 total Ingredients for a total of 1,221 mg.

Inside a smaller 1,145 mg blend of 19 Ingredients,  4 are controversial.  Eleuthero, Tribulus Terrestris, Korean Ginseng, and American Ginseng.

Under FDA labelling rules, a supplement company does not have to list how much of each ingredient is in a proprietary blend.

As a reviewer, I’ve seen cases where a  supplement will put “19 Ingredients” in a blend, but there are really tiny bits of about “15” of them. There are only 2 real ingredients with known amounts (Niacin and Zinc Oxide).

Vitamins that Increase Sex Drive include Niacin and Zinc Oxide. But there is not much in this Viril X formula.

These are the customer reviews where people say “I didn’t feel a thing after 2 weeks,” and “It did nothing for me.” Likely what is going on: there is nowhere near the amount of power actually in the pill that you see on the label!

In this case: it’s an open question. Its possible that Korean Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, American Ginseng, and Eleuthero Siberian Ginseng make up a LARGE portion of the 1,145 mg blend.

Nobody knows. For the sake of argument, let’s assume there is 1 mg of the remaining “Other” Ingredients – 15 in all. This equals 1,130 mg up in the air!

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13. Meds Are a Problem with Viril X

Viril X is unsafe if you are taking meds. Could interact in unpredictable, erratic ways.

Contraindicated: Apparently, if you are on any kind of medications that “break down” in your liver, you should not take an herb like this.

Web MD says: “Do not use Ginseng with any medications that break down in your liver.”

The Viril X website does not give medical advice. Consult with your doctor regarding how your medicine is “metabolized.” I know that a high amount of “meds” today do “break down” in the liver as you digest them.

The safest thing is to look for a libido booster that doesn’t have Ginseng at all. That would eliminate any emergency.

14. NOT Safe for Diabetes

The clinical evidence is that Viril X may be unsafe if you have diabetes.

This is because several natural ingredients here are contradicated by clinical studies.

15. If You Have a Heart Condition, Look Out

The clinical evidence is that these Viril X additives may be unsafe if you are a heart patient.

Again, several herbs here in the Viril X formula are actually outlawed by physicians depending on your cardiac state. Check with your medical professional.

WebMD is clear: “Do not use Ginseng with any possible heart conditions, diabetes, stimulants (cigars or cigarettes), depression meds”

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16. Where Are the
REAL Viril X Reviews?

If there are so many alarm bells with Viril X, you might be wondering why you’re not seeing more complaints.

Good question. A site called “,” is a big advertiser. But this crew seems to have a bit of a “CRED” problem with customer reviews.

To start, this blog claims they’ve been analyzing “boner pills” for 17 Years. Meanwhile, their ratings were only created 4 years ago, in 2016! So, in the first two seconds you hit their site, they are already giving you a con.

This reminds us of the infamous Hardon Helper Review here.

Another problem with “Fake”: Male UltraCore – link for our analysis.

Then, Buyer Review wants to tell you what Red Flags to avoid when you are buying a sex drive item. For instance, don’t buy Free Trials, don’t buy Free Samples, don’t buy unless manufactured in an “FDA Registered” facility.

Meanwhile, they promote this stay hard supplement which has an “F” Rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)! A fact they never mention!

If a review site is not going to tell you the truth about all these things – what else are they NOT going to tell you?

17. Compare vs Grockme

Compare Viril X vs Grockme.

This is a screenshot from another review site. In that site they detailed how “X-Rock” was banned by the FDA in 2013. The FDA found X-Rock had illegal drugs such as sildenafil in laboratory tests.

A new brand called “G-Rock” started appearing in 2013, the same year X-Rock was taken off the market. As you can see, there are “strange similarities” between the two pills. Down to identical sales language.

Another review site says of Grockme: “Ingredients are not well-explained. Yet claimed to be 100% natural.”

For an in-depth analysis of Grockme, click here.

The above website in picture promotes G Rock Me. Their slogan is “Reviews You Can Trust.” Yet, nowhere do they mention this history.

These guys give no rating less than 5 Stars for G-Rock. Are these really “Reviews You Can Trust”?

18. Is Green Lumber Better

Here is another ED alternative like Viril X where you may not be getting “the real story!”

This gang also can’t wait to tell you about “our 5-Star Reviews.”

I’m talking about Green Lumber.

Already, Facebook has removed “5-Star” Customer Reviews of GL.

Google banned Fake Reviews from their “Reputation Management” company several times in the past.

Amazon iced their predecessor, Hard On Helper (no, he wasn’t a real doctor!)

Many customers commented about Dr Seltzer HOH Fake Reviews. Also, painful headaches.

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19. VROX Review

In this Viril X Review, let’s see how V-Rox matches up.

This “maximum strength” has a lot of strange similarities to both X-Rock and G-Rock above.

Also suspicious: Go Long Go Hard – see our Video here.

You won’t see ANY customer reviews at all of this product. Instead, Vrox shows you a video of what looks like a Paid Actor pretending to be a medical doctor.

Apparently, this is all the “Review” you need!

They cite no clinical sources for this product. Meanwhile, the danger could be even worse than Viril X. This is because Vrox puts an unknown amount of Yohimbe in their blend.

20. FDA Approved?


If you are looking for FDA-Approved Over the Counter ED Pills, you might be fooled. Sites like display a Registered Seal.

Viril X makes a big deal they are made in a Registered plant. But actually most men’s supplements are made in an FDA Registered Facility.

This merely means the Food and Drug Administration may inspect the manufacturing once in a while. “Registered” does not mean “Approved.”

In fact, I found nothing which says the FDA specifically approved these tablets.

21. Does this Male Enhancer Increase Size

Viril X claims you will “ADD Size To Achieve Bigger and Harder Erections.” But how this product jacks up length and girth, nobody knows.

In no way can you compare to our SizeVitrexx Review – click here.

The only Viril X ingredient I can see to hit that climax would be Arginine. But the Arginine here is hidden inside a larger blend. And they don’t tell you the precise amount.

Also, Viril X uses a weaker powder called HCL. If you want erection strength, you want the Nitric Oxide booster known as Ethyl Ester.

Zytenz and Red Rex both have Arginine Ethyl Ester. This is part of the “secret sauce” Red Rex uses for extreme stamina.

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22. Does Viril X Make You Bigger

Another boast is you will “ADD Size To Get Bigger .”

Presumably this means “penis enlargement.” First, enlarging your member is medically impossible. You cannot grow your organ beyond its natural size.

In terms of “adding length,” the medical authority WebMD researched the issue. Their conclusion about girth and width: you “can’t add size, but you can make it look that way.”

Viril X also never tells you what these ingredients might be that will enlarge your penis bigger.

A lot of marketing mumbo-jumbo. This offsets some of the legitimate benefits. Viril X seems to have a “checklist” of things to say to consumers to get them to buy.

The goal is to get you “locked in” to an autoship.

23. This Over the Counter Viagra Doesn’t Even Work for ED

No. I found no proof this male viagra pill can help ED.

It’s too much of a general supplement. It claims to work for “men of all ages.”

We’ve already seen the hazards.  Especially with blood circulation.

A lot of guys with ED symptoms have BP conditions. This over the counter viagra substitute is  a “No-Go” for ” ED.”

24. What Will Viril X Do For Your
Testosterone Levels

The problem is that low testosterone – even if you had it – has only a minor effect on Erections!

According to Consumer Reports, most men do not need a Testosterone Booster – especially for erections.

The American Urological Association agrees. They say natural testosterone has little effect on ed!

If you want “Hard Erections on Demand,” you want a Male Enhancer!

We want hard Erections on Demand. Levels of Testosterone have little to do with it. And there are already well-known herbs that will do the trick for ED – naturally (read my ‘How To’ Guide by clicking here.

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25. Does this Supplement Help The Prostate Gland and Premature Ejaculation

Another problem in this Viril X Review: at their website, they boast it will stop premature ejaculation. Is this possible?

I don’t see any evidence. Again, they list no evidence of how this supplement can do this.

26.  Viril X Complaints from Customers

Customers have two big worries about Viril X .

First, Dignity Labs changed the colors. You see Red and Black. But the actual are dark brown tablets.

Also, some customers are saying when their orders came in the mail, looked opened and then resealed. This is a big ‘no-no’ with customer fulfillment. It’s not sanitary and even dangerous.

The second complaint about the owners is this. They allege “20 Million Users”!

To be frank, this is a lie. Their website gets only a few thousand visitors a month, according to Alexa. So it’s mathematically impossible. If Viril X is going to “fib” about things like this, you should be wary about what else they are telling you.

Viril X has some good Amazon reviews. But they also have Negative Comments. (SCROLL DOWN).

I’ve found 5-Star Reviews can be suspicious when you see them mixed in with bad reactions as follows.

This United States buyer said simply: “It did not work for me.” Another Viril X customer review took it for 3 months with the same reaction.

Viril-X Reviews Complaints: Viril-X appears to be 'Nothing Different' compared to many other Amazon male enhancement pills.

Product Warnings

Unfortunately, no product warnings about exposure to Ginseng. I found this to be a large omission.


We did not discover any pending or past lawsuits involving them.

However, the Better Business Bureau rates the company as an “F.” It takes a lot for the BBB to take this step. It usually points to a systemic problem with the way the company operates.

Customer Service

Several reviews have pointed out it has some problems.

To contact:


27. How Much Does this Hard On Pill Cost?

Even the regular price is steep, given the hazards.

With discounts,  a quick rundown of your cost:

  • Single container $44.95
  • Four containers $179.80 (free shipping/handling)
  • Five containers (and get 1 free) $224.75 (free shipping/handling)

Money Back Guarantee?

Viril X claims you can “save 42%” with  a 90-day “satisfaction guarantee.”

This applies to both used and unused. You get a full refund (or exchange) if you are unsatisfied.

Before you can return, you must first get an RMA number by calling 1-866-419-0068. Their return address is:

Dignity Bio Labs

P.O. Box 4706

Pacoima, CA. 91333-4706

28. Conclusion: Does Viril X Really Work?

We’ve been through a lot of facts in this Viril X Review. Facts that you may not be hearing from the heavy promotion this male enhancement brand is doing.

Does it really work? Is it really “#1?” Another complaint filed by a customer with the Better Business Bureau unfortunately seems to sum up a lot.

This customer review said: ” Had no effect… Two had loose caps and the security seal was off.”

There is also the unknown amounts of Risky Side Effects in the huge blend you must swallow every day.

To cap it off, it may take you up to 6 Months before you see your hardest erections. And you should give up drinking coffee for 6 months!

For hard erections, look for supplements that have less risks.

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