Green Lumber Male Enhancement Reviews have attracted attention because there is controversy over their 5-Star Customer Reviews

(FDA Ban) Go Get Green Lumber Reviews: Fake 5-Star? (VIDEO)

🌍 [Video] Go Get Green Lumber Reviews: Fake 5-Star? (FDA Ban)

Proof of Fake Go Get Green Lumber Reviews? You won’t believe this…

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Must Watch Update FDA BAN (No Joke)

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Breaking News, Friday, Sept, 27, 11:23 AM, PST: Consumer Alert: the FDA just banned Green Lumber.  This product is secretly spiked with dangerous amounts of the illegal drug Tadalafil. For the national  customer warning, click here now: FDA Bans Green Lumber, September 19, 2019.

by Bob Estep, Editor, Supplement Secrets®; Contributing Writers: Marlene Wheeler, and Amanda Rickard, Research Assistant

1.  Green Lumber for ED:  “Magic Capsule”?

Is this supplement effective for ED? It replaces Dr Seltzer's Hardon Helper as the new "Amazon's Choice." But has strangely similar evidence of 1) Fake 5-Star Customer Reviews being posted across 3 different platforms- Amazon, Google, and Facebook; 2) Painful Headaches across America certain customers are reporting lasting from 2 to 4 days straight. What is going on?
Is this supplement effective for ED? It replaces Dr Seltzer’s Hardon Helper as the new “Amazon’s Choice.” But has strangely similar evidence of 1) Fake 5-Star Customer Reviews being posted across 3 different platforms- Amazon, Google, and Facebook; 2) Painful Headaches across America certain customers are reporting lasting from 2 to 4 days straight. What is going on?

For Green Lumber Reviews: men have looked for natural remedies for Erectile Dysfunction symptoms for a big length of time.

Most guys want harder erections. But we feel embarrassed and worried by the ED Meds side effects. This includes red face flushing, and wild blood pressure drops.

Many guys would love an Instant ED Pill that did not have the side effects of Prescription ED Drugs. But Natural Male Enhancers will not always work for 100% of all men.
Many guys would love an Instant ED Pill that did not have the side effects of Prescription ED Drugs. But Natural Male Enhancers will not always work for 100% of all men.

Generic Viagra isn’t much of a big improvement. Over the Counter ED pills like Hims, Roman, and Bluechew have the same side effects. Unfortunately, just “Cheap Viagra”  with a new label slapped on.

TONS of guys desire a natural over the counter viagra alternative  to increase blood flow to their penis fast. These “Penis Pills” are called “male enhancement pills.” The problem is telling what is legit and what is a scam.

GL is a newcomer to the market. They sell what they call  “100% All-Natural Wood” online.

They have quickly attracted attention for several reasons:

  1. In one interview, the reporter surprisingly calls it a “magic capsule.”
  2. In their online ads on Google Search Pages, they want online consumers to: “Check Out Our 5-Star Reviews.”
  3. At their Official Website, another surprise: it seems they’ve never gotten a 1-Star or 2-Star Review from anybody!
  4. On Amazon,  they have a never-before-seen amount of “5-Stars”
  5. However, several Verified Amazon Buyers are giving 1 and 2 Star. They mention “painful headaches.”
  6. These headaches are currently lasting anywhere from 2  Days to 4 Days Straight, according to certain Amazon customers.
  7. At their website, the Owner claims: “We’re the only option out there that’s 100% all natural. Oh yeah, that too.”

Let’s jump in.

2. Green Lumber Pills: Discovered at Lunch?

This Male Enhancement Product has attracted Attention Through Publicity and 5-Star Reviews
Supplement Secrets® discovered that this product is claiming one thing to online consumers. Behind-the-scenes, unsettling facts.

2 things they like talking about: their “5-Star Reviews,” and their Owner’s Feature Articlein Entrepreneur Magazine.

“As sales soar, [our CEO] explains the impact having on men’s lives.” They link this “Feature Article” on their Home Page.

Brett Hales explains how he discovered the secret:

“Eighteen months ago I was introduced to this all-natural, proprietary, plant-based capsule that solved my [erection] problem… A close friend had given me a sample at lunch one day… Two months later when I took the product, I felt 20 years younger.”

But this is not quite “the whole story”!

“This product is the result of years of hard work. And yes, you’re welcome.”

Entrepreneur Magazine is known to be “open”  to writing feature articles about marketers in exchange for money. This “arrangement” behind the scenes isn’t always disclosed correctly by the client. This publicity practice has been reported by several sources, first by investigative reporter Jon Christian in The Outlinelink here.

Whether or not you actually deserve to be featured in a national magazine (at that time in your career) doesn’t matter. You can make customers think you’re a “celebrity.”

It’s quick and dirty way to buy your way into a magazine. You can make people think you’re “The Real Thing.”

Up-and-coming businessmen “on the make” find this kind of publicity valuable. But, about this, these guys aren’t talking!

3. 5-Star Green Lumber Reviews: “The Real Thing”?

Facebook has removed a page of Customer comments. These guys advertise on Google to "Check Out Our 5-Stars."
These guys advertise on Google Ads to “Check Out Our 5-Star Reviews.” Meanwhile, Facebook has removed a Facebook page of these so-called  “5-Star Reviews.”

On Google Search Pages, they advertise they want you to “Check Out Our 5-Star Reviews.”

At the date of this publication (September 2019), BirdEye, a “Reputation Management” company, was “hosting” their reviews. They were located at this web address:

Featured were an endless list, at this BirdEye Website, of strangely perfect Five Stars:

I review supplements all the time. No legit supplement works for 100% of people! “Real Customer Reviews” will always vary. Even for “male enhancement stay hard pills.”

The first was from a female named “Cat Jett.” Cat gushes: “Their product exceeded any possible expectations!! I will be buying their product for my guy for as long as this company exists!”

Each was linked to their own Facebook page. Supposedly of an actual human being.

But, strangely, seen here below, when you clicked on any of the blue Facebook links you were being directed to a  page that Facebook has now removed.

The page Facebook deleted was:

A security warning says: “This page isn’t available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.”

More strange: this company has suddenly moved themselves to a “new page.”

At this new page, they’re now calling themselvesGET Green Lumber.”

Strangely, they changed their URL to read “GO Green Lumber.”

This “new” Facebook page is:

At this new URL, they again have a near-perfect 4.9 out of 5 Rating.

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4. Are These Actual Human Beings?

Real people may not be rating this with stars!
Oddly, the 4.7 Average Customer Rating they claim in their Google Ads is similar to the 4.8 Rating BirdEye flaunts to new business clients. Supplement Secrets® investigation discovered the same mystery buyers , linked to removed pages, broken links, and, dead Google Maps pages!

This brand advertises on Google: “Check Out Our 5-Star.” When an online consumer clicks on this ad, you are taken to the Buy Site (

“The Mysterious ‘Cat Jett’ with the Removed Facebook Review appears again. But now ‘Catt Jett’ is calling herself herself ‘Cathy Jett’… Her new Google profile leads to a Dead Google Maps Page”

There, you see the exact same Bird Eye provided Reviews. In fact, a link appears at the bottom of the page. It says: “Powered by BirdEye.” When you click that link you are taken to a Business Website (

On the GL site under “Testimonials,” the mysterious “Cat Jett” appears again. But now  “Cat Jett” has become “Cathy Jett.” She now has a Google Profile.

But, like her Facebook link lead to a Removed Facebook Page –  if you click on her Google Profile this leads to a Dead ‘Google Maps’ page with a Globe of the World!

At the time of this publication, all these customers did!

5. Google Removes Fake Reviews from ‘Reputation Management’

Reputation Management tactics under fire
For over 10 years, Google has removed Fake Comments posted by this “Reputation Management” company!

Facebook isn’t the only one.

For over 10 years, Google has repeatedly removed “fake reviews” from their Reputation Management company, BirdEye.

CBS News reports:

“Reputation management companies legally try to trick Google by flooding the internet with positive content about their clients, forcing negative links down to Google’s second and third pages, where almost nobody looks. But that’s not foolproof, so Rooney told CBS News that some companies employ other, shadowy tactics.”

What are these “shadowy tactics”? One of them is “writing fake  reviews!”

According to one Internet business owner :

 “[The BirdEye rep] told me that BirdEye could get us Google reviews. It was fine at the start but then over time the reviews just started getting deleted. Turns out birdeye is violating Google and Yelp policies… DO NOT USE THESE GUYS!”

6. How ‘Legit’?

This Reputation Management for male enhancement product is coming under trouble

At Glassdoor, a former BirdEye account executive who actually worked there says this :

“They Write Fake Reviews… I worked at BirdEye full-time for more than a year… They also have been caught writing fake reviews on their Google page, their own website, and this site.”

In Google Ads, these guys advertise they have a 4.7 out of 5 Rating. This is the identical rating from BirdEye!

A BE page supposedly “aggregates” from all over the Internet. This  page was recently ranked #3 on Page 1 Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for “Green Lumber Male Enhancement Reviews.”

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7. At Amazon?

A consumer watchdog company claimed an astonishing 87% of Hardon Helper Reviews were fake.
A consumer watchdog company claimed an astonishing 87% of Hardon Helper were fake.

I have seen this game before!

A few weeks ago, Amazon finally removed the notorious “Dr Seltzer’s Hardon Helper.” At the Hardon Helper Amazon page, Amazon now says: “We don’t know if or when this product will be back in stock.”

This product is the current “Amazon’s Choice.” But Hardon Helper was the former “Amazon’s Choice” for fast male enhancement pills.

There are more similarities if you compare vs HOH.

According to Hard On Helper, “Dr Seltzer” discovered an ancient blend from the South American Rain Forest that made men hard in no time. Before he died, he allegedly moved to South Florida in his later years, where he helped other men with their erections.

You only needed 1 pill every 72 hours. Even more incredible, the “Herbal Blend had No Side Effects. In fact, the words “NO HEADACHE” were put on the label.

Male Enhancement Reviews took notice of the phenomenal amount of 5 Star Reviews that HOH was accumulating. It was quite unseen. At one point, Dr Hardon had accumulated an astonishing 700 Perfect Reviews.

But discrepancies started to creep in. There were strange 1 Star comments popping up about “Hardon Helper Headaches.”

Then “ReviewMeta” got in the ring.

8. Compare vs HOH

The above Screen Shot is from another Hard On Helper Review in the Summer of 2018.  This is when the wheels started to come off. ReviewMeta is an independent online consumer watchdog.

ReviewMeta investigated. They found an incredible 87% of the 5-Star Amazon Reviews for Hardon Helper could be Fake. 

GL currently has 77% 5-Star Reviews at Amazon. (September 2019)

In response to Hardon Helper’s fake perfection,  Customer Kenneth Pate wrote on July 14, 2018:

“It’s hard for me to believe these other reviews are not fake. No hard on but sure gave me a headache. Won’t purchase this again.”

Another purchaser said:

“After about an hour I could feel my skin getting hot… This is similar to the reaction I had with Viagra.”

9. Headaches?
(Side Effects)


As to Side Effects, Green Lumber claims there are “No Side Effects.” and “headache-free.”

Unfortunately: “Green Lumber Headaches” are showing up in a similar fashion to the old “Hardon Helper Headaches.” Along with more allegations of “Fake 5-Star Reviews.” This time from Verified Amazon Customers.

Verified Amazon Customer JR says: “Seems like alot of fake reviews for this. Didn’t do anything for me… just a headache all day.”

About side effects, Amazon Verified Purchaser of Green Lumber Male Enhancement Pixelpusher says this:

“Took one dose on a Friday night. A few hours later I started to experience lower back pain and severe headaches. These lasted for 2 days off and on. The headaches were pretty severe right between and above my eyes.”

Another  Customer Review says about possible Side Effects: “HEADACHE. Do not buy. I’ve had a headache for 2 days. It’s not worth the pain.”

Calling his result a “72 Hour Headache,” another Amazon Customer says: “Tried on a Friday morning and had a severe headache on Saturday and Sunday. Tried again 2 weeks later with the same results…”

There is even an unsettling review about Side Effects from Verified Amazon Customer Morgan. Morgan writes:

“Will not use again. It really upset my stomach and actually caused me to bleed. Buyer beware.”

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10. WHO Exactly is This
Made For?

Complaints about Red Rex Pills are almost non-existent
Red Rex® is The First Natural Male Enhancer Specifically Made for Men Over 50®

GL claims they are made for “Men of All Ages.” Specifically, the Owner claims it’s made for “College Guys… Older Gents… and Men Who Give a Damn.”

Before we go any further, you might be alarmed, especially if you are a guy over 40 or 50. If you think this product has a lot of Red Flags, you might be looking for alternatives.

You only need 1 Red Pill, and best of all, it has No Side Effects.

In fact, I’m currently naming Red Rex Over 50 as the most effective male enhancer on the market available for sale right now.

This is one of the problems with these “Mass Market” supplements for “Men of All Ages.” When you are made for “Men of All Ages,” you are not “Specifically Made” for anyone!

This can be a problem because Younger Men are different from Men Over 50. Men Over 50 have different bodies and different lifestyles.

So I always recommend you get a “Specialist” pill – and not one made for “Men of All Ages.” This only makes sense. You know in your own life. If something is important to you, the “specialist” is always better than the “generalist.” You want the “right guy for the job!”

“Would you pay your Auto Body Mechanic to perform your Heart Surgery? Would you hire your Heart Surgeon to Fix Your Car?”

Today, you can now get Specifically Made male enhancement pills.

For example, Red Rex® is The First Natural Male Enhancer Specifically Made for Men Over 50®

In fact, Red Rex is Specifically Made in 14 Different Ways Only for Men Over 50.

For 2 years, Red Rex tested several natural prototype formulas on Men Over 50 across America. Based on feedback from actual Men Over 50, the winning formula became “Red Rex.”

Why buy a pill made for “Men of All Ages” when you can get “Specifically Made for Men Over 50″! To me, this is a No-Brainer…

Red Rex Over 50 works very fast. You do not have to take this Red Pill every day. Best of all, Red Rex has No Side Effects.

Confusion: 2 Different Kinds With Same Name?

Confusion over what this item actually does

Meanwhile, to get back to GL, we come across more confusion.

Not only is this product made for “everybody and anybody.”

But a couple of guys emailed me with massive confusion about what exactly it does. They have a good point.

On the website, the Owner says: “You’ll find other products out there calling themselves testosterone supplements… We don’t You’ll often find these same products sold in sketchy gas stations… yikes!”

Yet, on the Amazon page they are calling it an “All Natural Testosterone Booster.”

So, is this item a T-Booster, or not a T-Booster?

Why are they calling themselves a Testosterone supplement on Amazon, but NOT a Testosterone Booster on their own website?

Obviously, they are selling 2 different pills.

But each has THE SAME NAME.

“I urge you to be careful where you’re buying it from, as these are apparently 2 different pills. The product sold at Amazon gives you a “T-Boost.” But the item sold at their own website does NOT.

So, to answer what this does:

If you buy at Amazon, you will get their “T-Booster.” But if you buy at their website you will get a different item that is NOT a “T-Booster.”

  1.  The 2 Pills at Amazon are T-Boosters  called the 2-Pack
  2. But the same 2 Pills at their Website are NOT T-Boosters, they are  “The Weekender.”
  3. Both have the exact same ingredients list.

12. Do Ingredients
Actually Help Erections?

The Ingredients list is: Eurycome Longifolia (also known as “Long Jack”), Monkey’s Head Hericum (a mushroom), Panax Ginseng, Epimedium Sagittatum (this is the weakest form of Horny Goat Weed – it is a mass market version. For the most reliable erection support, you ideally want the strongest extract which is “Epimedium Maxim“), Tribulus Terrestris, Cordyceps Sinesis, Fructus Olea (fancy name for just an Olive leaf extract!), and Lepidim Meyeni (scientific name for Maca).

On Amazon, the 2nd type of pill they are selling is the T-Booster. They claim you only need to take 1 every 72 hours.

I’ve reviewed a lot of T-Boosters. I’ve never heard of a T-Booster that only needs to be taken one pill every 4 days! So, I don’t know what’s going on here.

Another problem: Multiple medical and clinical sources say that Testosterone Boosters have “little to do with erections.”

The American Urological Association (AUA) studied the issue.

Look – does anyone know erections better than a Urologist Doc – I think not!

The AUA states: “Testosterone treatment usually isn’t helpful for ED. Testosterone treatment has not been shown to improve erections in men with normal testosterone levels. And studies show it does not help men with low testosterone if ED is their only symptom.”

Another example is Consumer Reports. Reporting on the latest data for consumer protection, they said: “Do you need a Testosterone Booster? Probably not.”

So – if this item is a T-Booster, but T-Boosters have little to do with erections, how exactly do these Ingredients help your erections?

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13. Side Effects?

I have to tell you:  I’m professional supplement reviewer, but I do not have a good answer to some of these questions. And there’s more.

As to Side Effects, this crew says their supplement has “No Headaches.”

We’ve already seen, though, there are 1-Star Reviews exactly for  “Headaches” popping up. As a reviewer, its common knowledge among the erection pills reviews that Eurycoma Longifolia, over time, WILL create Premature Balding.

WebMD confirms it. To quote: “DHT is a… by-product of testosterone. Testosterone converts to DHT… scientists do know that DHT shrinks hair follicles…”

Since Eurycoma boosts Testosterone, it’s common knowledge that one of the side effects is early balding, because of the “T-Boost.”

Now – I don’t know why these guys don’t know this, or forgot to mention it. They insist they are very knowledgeable about their ingredients, calling them “incredibly effective.” They also have a “Research Team.”

14. Research Team?

They claim this “Research Team” has gone on “a mission around the globe.”

This includes Remote Tropical Rain Forests in Malaysia.

In the jungle, once on the ground, their Company Research Team personally extracts herbs from plants in the Rain Forest.

The owner now refers to himself as the CEO of
Green Lumber Holdings LLC.

In another interview we found, in “The Daily Want,” a reporter describes this item as a “magic capsule.”

When asked exactly how this “magic pill” works, they will only say: “These ingredients aren’t new, just to you.”

How do you take it? On the website, under instructions, they say: “Open Mouth. Swallow. Repeat.”

They say to just swallow it,  and you’ll thank them.

In fact, not only will you thank them, but

“We are told that even Your Wife will Thank them after you have sex with her!”

Conclusion: Any Good?

About the  Ingredients,  I STILL don’t have good answers to the following questions:

  1. Why they’re selling a “T-Booster” at Amazon, but the same pills, in the same package, with the same ingredients, are called “The Weekender” at their website;
  2. Why “The Weekender” is only for sale at their website, and not Amazon;
  3. Exactly how their additives help you get a harder erection, when medical studies show Testosterone does little to help erections;
  4. How they are the first “T-Booster” supplement reviewers have ever seen where you only need to take 1 pill every 4 days;
  5. Why they are claiming their pill has “No Headaches” but Amazon customers are claiming “Painful Headaches”;
  6. Why their Research Team, which knows all these ingredients, and has flown around the globe, has not yet explained all this, including these new side effects.

So, to put it mildly, there are certainly quite a few issues going on. We’ve tried to give you quite a bit of facts here. Be sure to do your homework.

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