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🚩 Grockme Male Enhancement Reviews: Red Flag Warning [2019 – The Latest]

by Bob Estep, Editor, Supplement Secrets®; Contributing Writers: Marlene Wheeler, and Amanda Rickard, Research Assistant

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The FDA banned X-Rock for dangerous side effects. For V Rox, G Rock, Longevity Rocks, Longevity Go Long Go Hard, and GTG Hard, the same Red Flags for Consumer Safety are being seen in several ways.

Supplement Secrets® is issuing an Official Red Flag Warning for this supplement. Use caution and consider alternatives.

  1. Grockme: Natural Viagra?
  2. What is Grockme? (Real Facts)
  3. Is Grockme FDA Approved? (Real Facts)
  4. Is G Rock Me Safe? (Fact Checked)
  5. What are the Grockme Ingredients?
  6. What are the Grockme Side Effects?
  7. Compare Grockme vs Green Lumber
  8. Compare Grockme vs Viril X
  9. Conclusion: Is Grockme Legit?

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1. Grockme: Natural Viagra?

Grockme vs Viagra is a comparison because both claim to work instantly. Somehow, Viagra has side effects but Grockme says they do not.
This Screen Shot is from another Grockme Review done several years ago on another review site. There have been many questions about these pills.

This Screen Shot is from another Grockme Review done several years ago on another review site.

For some reason, Grockme was using the exact sales language as the FDA-Banned X-Rock Me Pill.

Even more strange, Grockme continues to have the exact same ingredients list as this X-Rock Me Pill that was banned for deadly side effects, according to another review we saw.

The brand names are also similar.

The current “Male Enhancement Advisors” Review Site that recommends Grockme doesn’t mention this History or explain it to online buyers.

Even though it’s alleged Grockme has the exact ingredients list as Xrockme, Grockme somehow claims on the company website: “”Not A Drug – No Dangerous Side Effects.”

I have NOT tried this pill, because the lack of any information about side effects isn’t worth the risk to my health.

Is there a simple trick to cure ED? Grock would have you believe they figured out the trick in this natural formula. Anything is possible – but Grock doesn’t explain how this formula works. Or what the side effects could be.

The lack of explanation as to exactly how Grockme works just makes guys wonder. The Xrockme pill had new, chemical “offshoots” of sildenafil – such as thiosildenafil – that even pharmaceutical scientists didn’t know about.

No one knows what these new rogue chemicals might do, for side effects to  a man. Even prescription ED manufacturers don’t know what they might do.

Now, I’ve seen no evidence that Grockme has been analyzed in a lab. But many guys looking to buy a viagra subsitute ask: Why take the chance when you can buy other fast-acting pills where you know exactly what you’ll be swallowing?

You get the picture.

Grockme Reviews have many issues with the unknown side effects of Grock. This is because the G Rock Me pill has ingredients few reviewers have ever heard of.
Reviews of Grockme Male Enhancement have never heard of many of the Grock Ingredients. No one is quite sure what the side effects are. Let alone what these ingredients do. Amazingly, one review claims that Grock actually has the same ingredients list as a pill once banned by the FDA – Xrockme. Whether or not this is true, the Grockme Company refuses to explain in detail exactly how the ingredients work for sex. No one knows.

Are the unknown risks worth it to your body?

Can you stay in control of your health continually ingesting these ingredients? As I’ve said, Grock will not explain how it works.

You are also a: boyfriend, husband, father, an employee (or boss) and a friend.

What will happen to: your girlfriend, your wife, your kids, your close friends, your work colleagues who depend on you if something happens to your health?

If you have a medical emergency, you are not the only one affected. You have relationships with all these family and friends.

Also, Grockme claims this erection pill “Helps Control Premature Ejaculation.”

Again, this may be true, for all I know.  But Grock gives no explanation which of the unknown ingredients (or the 3 known ones) actually help to control PE. Or how this is done.

It is very strange for a supplement to make claims, yet not bother to explain to you how their pill works.

The word “strange” comes up over and over again with talking about these kinds of pills.

Because usually a supplement can’t wait to tell you “how they’re different.” And “what new combinations of ingredients” are better than the other guy’s.

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2. What is Grockme? (Real Facts)

Reviews of Grockme have similarities with several other pills: X-Rock, V-Rox, G-Rock, GTG Hard, Longevity Rocks, and Longevity Go Long Go Hard Male Enhancement.
Reviews of Grockme have trouble explaining the many similarities between Grock and several other pills: X-Rock, V-Rox, GTG Hard, Longevity Rocks, and Longevity Go Long Go Hard. The FDA once banned X-Rock from online consumer sale for dangerous side effects. One review claims Grock actually still has the same ingredients list as the FDA-Banned X-Rock. Whether or not this is true, Grock refuses to explain to online consumers why their brand name, sales language and ingredients are so similar to these other pills.

To review Grockme, there is no way to review it without telling you the odd similarities with other erection pills.

The big “supp reviewers” have been talking about it for a while. So, I will give you some “inside baseball.”

To begin with, a bunch of these “fast acting instant hard on pills” have the same kind of brand name.

These include:

  • X-Rock
  • G-Rock
  • V-Rox
  • Longevity Rocks
  • Longevity Go Long Go Hard
  • GTG Hard

According to one review site, Grockme has the identical ingredients as the X-Rock pill: which  was already banned by the FDA for Dangerous Side Effects in 2013.

Another review site claims Grockme has the same ingredients as 3 other pills on that list.

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3. Is G Rock Me Safe? (Fact Checked)

Is Grockme Safe is a question that has been going around. Grockme has similar ingredients and sales language to the FDA-Banned X-Rock, GTG Hard and even the new Vrox.
Is Grockme Safe isn’t easily answered because no one is sure “What Is In Grockme.” This is because Grock’s Ingredients are little-known, and no one is quite sure the side effects. Neither is the Grock Website willing to clear up the issue for online consumers. Grock Pills refuse to explain in detail exactly how their ingredients work for sex. Grockme has a similar name, ingredients and sales language to the FDA-Banned X-Rock, GTG Hard Male Enhancement and V-Rox USA Pills.

We’ve already seen that Grock has the identical ingredients as the X-Rock pill by the FDA. This was in 2013.

The FDA did this because they found X-Rock had illegal drugs such as sildenafil in laboratory tests. Possible side effects include rapid blood pressure increase, wild blood pressure swings if you take nitrates. Even a heart attack.

“Surprisingly, G-Rock claims on their website that Grockme has  “NO SIDE EFFECTS!” even though Grockme has the identical ingredients as X-Rock, and X-Rock was already banned by the FDA for Deadly Side Effects.”

On the Grockme Website, Grock does not discuss in detail any possible side effects. This is unusual as they have been in business for at 7 years selling this pill.

My experience reviewing supplements is that a supplement company gets some kind of an idea after 7 years what Side Effects might happen.

But, as we will see below, most professional reviewers don’t even know what the clinical side effects of the strange ingredients are. So possibly, the Grockme Company itself doesn’t know for sure either, so they don’t say anything.

The Grock Company does urge you to “stop immediately” if you swallow the Grock Pill and start to feel side effects.

Its not easily answered to what extent Grockme is safe. This is because as one review says "Ingredients are not well explained by the manufacturer, but claimed to be 100% natural."
To what extent Grock Pills are safe is not easily answered. As another review of Grock said: “Ingredients are not well explained by the manufacturer. But claimed to be 100% natural.” Grockme does not explain how their different ingredients work for sex. Most reviewers have never heard of most of their ingredients.

Here is a Screen Shot from another review site.

In that site they detailed how this “X-Rock” Male Enhancement Pill was banned by the FDA in 2013.

Of the current G Rock Me pill, that review says: “Ingredients are not well explained by the manufacturer, but claimed to be 100% natural.”

After X-Rock was banned, a new pill called “G-Rock” started appearing in the Spring of 2013. According to another review, this was the same time X-Rock was taken off the market. You can see the date on the documents above.

As you can see there are “strange similarities” between the two pills. Down to identical sales language.

Today, Male Enhancement Advisors is a review site pushing Grockme. As you see in the picture:  the slogan of the Male Enhancement Advisors website is”Reviews You Can Trust.” Yet, nowhere do they mention this history.

These “Advisors” don’t talk about any of the strange similarities, starting with the brand name.

There are also no reviews less than 5-Stars for G-Rock.

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4. What are the Grockme Ingredients?

The Grockme Ingredients List has many unknown ingredients.
The Grockme Ingredients List has many unknown ingredients. We analyzed the label. We determined that at least 80% are ingredients of concern because we could not find any information anywhere about potential side effects for that portion.

The Grockme Ingredients are: Fructus Lycii, Radix Rehmanniae, Flos Caryophylli, Semen Ziziphi Spinosae, Semen Sesami Nigrum, Cortex Cinnamomi, Semen Allii Tuberosi, Fructus Foeniculi, Poria, Herba Epimedii, Rhizome Dioscoreae, Radix Puerariae Lobatae, Rhizoma Polygonati and Rhizoma Curculigimis.

We’ve estimated that with about 12 of these ingredients no reviewer knows much. Just 3 of the 15 ingredients have clinical data about side effects. It’s a puzzle to certain reviewers exactly how Grockme works for erections.

A natural Chinese Male Enhancement pill formula is possible.

But this particular list of ingredients has never been heard of. The Grockme Company also gives no explanation how they came up with this formula. Or exactly how it works.

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5. What are the Grockme Side Effects?

The Grockme Side Effects are unclear at 480 MG as you see in this graph.
The Grockme Side Effects at 480 MG are all in 1 blend. Most of the ingredients are unknown by reviewers. Most also have unknown side effects. We had no choice but to conclude that the entire 480 mg could potentially have side effects per every 1 Grockme Pill you swallow. The Grockme Company does not explain in detail on their website how these ingredients work for sex. Also, Male Enhancement Advisors, an advertiser promoting Grockme, does not explain in detail why the 480 mg have no side effects based on studies or clinical data.

The Grockme Ingredients are in a blend of 480 mg. Grockme does not tell buyers how much of each ingredients are in this blend.

Not only are most side effects unknown. But a user of Grockme will not even know how much of each ingredient he is even swallowing.

I have reviewed a lot of supplements.

A “Blend” is not a problem if the ingredients are known, and if the side effects are known, and those side effects manageable. Even better is if the ingredients in the blend are known not to have any serious side effects at all.

That is not the case with the Grockme blend. It’s a blend of ingredients that are little known. This is why Grockme, along with the other similar-named pills, have been controversial.

Also, the Grock Company gives no explanation how these ingredients actually work.

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6. Compare Grock vs Green Lumber (Different Names)

Green Lumber Male Enhancement Reviews have attracted attention because there is controversy over their 5-Star Customer Reviews

A similar situation to gRock is a new pill that was described in an interview with the company as a “Magic Capsule.”

This is the Green Lumber Male Enhancement Pill. (Also called: Go Green Lumber. And “Get Green Lumber.’)

“Like Grock, Green Lumber is already referring to their product under Different Names online. For example, on certain sites Green Lumber refers to themselves as ‘Go Green Lumber.’ Elsewhere, they call themselves,Get Green Lumber.'”

But on the Green Lumber website there is no discussion of these public side effects being discussed publicly by Actual Verified Buyers at Amazon.

Like Grock’s “Male Enhancement Advisors”: side effects that may be happening right now to certain customers are never discussed.

Already, Facebook has apparently removed “5-Star” Customer Reviews of Go Green Lumber.

Google has removed Fake Reviews from Get Green Lumber’s “Reputation Management” Company in the past.

Amazon removed Green Lumber’s predecessor, Dr Seltzer’s (no he wasn’t a real doctor!) Hardon Helper for Fake Reviews and Side Effects.

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7. Compare Grockme vs Viril X

Viril X is another advertiser with several review sites. Like Grock they make big claims. This includes:

      • “#1 Rated Male Enhancement”
      • #1 Rated Testosterone Booster”
      • “ADD Size To Achieve Bigger and Harder Erections”

One Viril X Review site, called “BuyerReviews.org” is a big advertiser online. On the front page of their site, the claim they are “celebrating 17 years reviewing supplements online.”

Yet their Review site was only created in 2016, which is 4 years ago!

If a review site is not going to tell you the truth about how long they’ve been in business, what else are they NOT going to tell you?

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8. Conclusion: Is Grockme Legit?

There are many questions with Grockme.

  • Another review site reports Grockme has the exact ingredients list as the FDA-banned Pill X-Rockme.
  • Grockme has been on the market since 2013.
  • No reviewer has heard of most of the Grockme Ingredients. This is very unusual.
  • The Grockme Company gives no explanation how exactly these ingredients work, or what they do.

So, there are many “unknowns” with the Grock pill.

As an online buyer, you will definitely be “taking your chances” without a lot of answers. If you are OK with that, that is your decision.

I recommend you look into alternatives that give you more solid information about what health risks you may be facing.


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