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Bluechew Reviews: Does $5 Stop Side Effects?

Bluechew Reviews:
Does $5 Stop Side Effects?

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Latest Consumer Information Updated May 22, 2020

by Bob Estep, Editor,

Coming up in this BlueChew Review: top libido pills for erectile dysfunction? The sildenafil and tadalafil in one subscription blue chew is the SAME health dangers as Viagra and Cialis. NOT VERY SAFE for your sexual life!

Erectile dysfunction pills have been controversial for a long time. Chewable Viagra doesn’t change that. The same ingredient – and identical dangers – are in this chewable tablet!

Bluechew Side Effects:
Does $5 Make Them Go Away?

Bluechew side effects are serious
As we see in this full Bluechew review below, has the same possible side effects as erectile dysfunction medication. NO MATTER whether the additive inside is sildenafil or bluechew tadalafil! Nor have I seen any evidence or proof where Bluechew works faster! See doctor and a medical professional will tell you: the chewable ingredient for sex in one tablet has the SAME hard dangers as Cialis, tadalafil or other medication. Approved and available in the USA online does NOT mean it’s an effective plan or good for sex. Who cares if, physically, they’re also pretty small?

This ed pill claims to work within 30 minutes. Made the same as the tablet form of sildenafil tadalafil.

Legendary dangers – already documented, and have already happened to other men:

WebMD confirms the same ED meds have been linked to at least 522 Men Dying.   Michael Castleman, M.A., at PsychologyToday also claims evidence of at least 2,500 related deaths, questioning  the safety of these ed tablets for men from emotional and psychological standpoint.

Important: Bluechew is NOT FDA approved because you can eat it. As of April 2020, see the current Official FDA Guidance

Remember there are FAST, NATURAL sexual performance alternatives to bluechew sildenafil. For More information, watch this right now:

Watch [VIDEO] Best 3 Male Enhancement Pills 2020:
As we see in this full Bluechew review below, same chewable tablet DANGERS as Viagra. Any health professional will admit: the additive for sex in one tablet has the SAME hard dangers as Cialis, tadalafil or other medication. AND, there is no clinical evidence or documentation that these work faster than Cialis! Approved and available in the USA online does NOT mean it’s the great plan or even better treatment made for sex. You need to see doctor in a box online. With these health risks, in the bluechew review final analysis, the following things don’t matter for your sex life: the fact this ed medication lasts 46 hours, (a few NATURAL pills LAST LONGER than 46 hours and work within a half-hour), active ingredient sildenafil or tadalafil (BOTH have grave concerns) – see Mayo Clinic medical discussion here, and a second medical explanation of consequences here. WHAT the active ingredient is, the Bluechew coupon code, discreet packaging (same risk), is the ed pill online subscription service for the active plan vs pro plan, the coupon code, is it FDA approved, how fast these erectile dysfunction pills are shipped within business days, whether for this you get the chewable tablet active plan at 2.5 mg, or 25 mg, or what the active ingredient is here for sexual performance.

Is Bluechew Legit?

Bluechew is legit but you may not want this product in your life

Bluechew is “legit” – but you may NOT want their product in YOUR life as a man. The “Doc in a Box” on Zoom who writes your prescription is not going to pay your medical bills out of his own pocket – if, and when, you get side effects from sildenafil. OR, tadalafil. The Bluechew Coupon Code won’t pay for this either. Neither will this sexual activity company! (Look at the Safety Information Pack.) IF you get sick after swallowing, you are “on your own.” YOU assume the financial cash risk for any medical attention you need. AND, any health problems. Does $5, a “free month,” the bluechew free trial offer, or “discreet packaging to your door” change that for you? In the “age of Coronavirus,” do you really want to step foot in a hospital building or emergency room if you can avoid it? Most rational, sane, smart men want to avoid at all costs walking into any physical locations where Corona patients may be lurking. With Bluechew 2020, you are bringing all of this into your life, including Covid-19 dangers, the second you decide to swallow this chewable tablet …


Bluechew has same dangers of ED drugs over 75% of men refuse to take, according to one medical study.
Below in this Chew review, same problems as ED Drugs. Their service offers sildenafil and tadalafil. This is essentially Viagra and Cialis. Much the same erection aid but with similar, widely-documented concerns for over 20 years now, and counting. The sildenafil and tadalafil in one subscription bluechew is the SAME as Viagra and Cialis. NOT necessarily a better treatment for your sexual life. The active ingredient in this ed treatment, whether you get the tablet, tadalafil,or at 25 mg or 2.5 mg in their subscription service the first month, doesn’t matter. The start of your Bluechew experience is that you need to see doctor in a box online. You can get a boost fast and SAFER with several NATURAL alternatives to the Chew tablet. Observe carefully the above pie chart diagram. It refers to the medical professional Dr. Brian T. Hefland, M.D. study which crunched an insurance data set which encompassed about eighty percent of ALL prescription data in the United States. 75% of American Men with ED symptoms in this huge national study REFUSE TO SWALLOW sildenafil or tadalafil under any circumstances! This medical study was verified and reported by WebMD and MD Edge. Authority Medical Links Here, citation here, New York Newsday article. Millions of men DO NOT think this item is a great ed treatment. The tadalafil for sex in one tablet has the SAME hard dangers as Cialis, tadalafil or other medication. Approved and available online does NOT mean it’s the great plan or even better treatment made for sex.

If and when you get high blood pressure – it’s on you. Even if it come individually wrapped, the active ingredient is the same. And will NOT stop health problems.

Repeat: Bluechew does not pay, or cover your medical expenses, for any health problems you get after swallowing. This is NOT COVERED within the $5!

Remember: 1 out of every 2 men who use sildenafil – OR tadalafil – never buy a second time. Why is this? This has been going on for over 20 years. There must be a reason.

Bluechew Free Trial:
Is $5 Worth Side Effects?

Bluechew Free Trial has many problems
For Bluechew, there are several red flags a consumer must know about beforehand. For example, you cannot take a chewable viagra pill more than 1 time in any 24 hour period. The sildenafil and tadalafil in one subscription is the SAME as Viagra and Cialis. NOT necessarily a better treatment for your sexual life. The active ingredient in this chewable sildenafil, whether you get the chewable tablet, tadalafil, or at 25mg. The active ingredient for sex in one tablet has the SAME hard dangers as Cialis, tadalafil, or other medication. There is no advantage where these bluechew chewable tablets work faster than another alternative. Approved and available in the USA online does NOT mean it’s a great plan. Or even, better treatment made for sex. The Bluechew Cost of $5 was the first thing when I came across this item. Considering the dangers, who cares, for your sex life, that Chew offers free month trial? In the face of these health concerns, other things that don’t matter include the “discreet packaging,” the Bluechew coupon code, sildenafil vs tadalafil. The start of your Bluechew experience is that you need to see doctor in a box online. “The Doc in a Box” on Zoom who gives you a health assessment online for these chewable tablets knows that bluechew offers NO payment for medical care AFTER you get ill from symptoms of the active ingredient which lasts 46 hours.

You cannot take a chewable viagra pill more than one time in any 24 hour period. This is the same time to service as sildenafil or tadalafil.

Bluechew has the same adverse reactions as all the “blue pills” for erectile dysfunction (ED). The fact it’s now a chewable tablet doesn’t change that! Millions of men DO NOT get better sex from an ed pill. Millions of men DO NOT WANT Blue Chew. Keep in mind the pie chart diagram where 1 out of 4 men refuse to even swallow one tadalafil or sildenafil.

What’s the difference between Chew and the Viagra ed medication?

1. SAME active ingredient. You have to get approved for a prescription by a medical doctor over the Internet.
2. If approved, you get locked into a home delivery autobill to your door every month.
3. Chewable ED tablet. You eat it. NOT swallow.

Does Bluechew Work?

Does Bluechew Work is uncertain because of side effects
Remember: the chewable active ingredient for sex in Bluechew has the SAME dangers as Cialis or other medication. In fact, their safety information pack will tell you so. FDAapproved does NOT mean it’s the great or even better treatment for sex. The active ingredient is the same. The Bluechew service offers sildenafil and tadalafil which is essentially Viagra and Cialis. Much the same erection aid but with similar, widely-documented concerns for 20 years. Sildenafil vs Tadalafil ultimately doesn’t matter, or that this bluechew sildenafil lasts 46 hours. It doesn’t matter Bluechew tablets work only as bad, or average, as any other active ingredient. The start of your Bluechew experience is that you need to see doctor in a box online who never met you. He gives a health assessment for an online subscription but knows he will not pay you for your medical bills if you need urgent care due to ill health which lasts 46 hours. It all adds up to $20 a month for continued risk. At that point, sildenafil vs tadalafil don’t matter.


That’s it. Otherwise, the Bluechew Chewable has the SAME dangers as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Here you pay $5 (no free shipping). They don’t charge you for 30 days. Then, Bluechew plans to send a bill to your door every month forever. Unless, you call them to cancel.

Does $5 change your mind about taking Bluechew? Does $5 stop severe, unexplained headaches? How about the risk of heart attack, or even, a stroke? They will NOT send a doctor to your door every month. Any health problems you have are “on you.” You will have to pay out of pocket to deal with these problems! If, and when they happen, for a long long time.

The problem is with the active ingredient in these things! The bluechew tablet has the same concerns as drugs from 20 years ago. Not much has changed for a long long time!

Note: there is no change if you take bluechew tadalafil.

The active ingredient in any Bluechew Review agree it takes about 30 minutes to work. The effects from an chewable viagra pill last for about 4 hours after you swallow. However, several NATURAL pills can now work just as effectively for performance anxiety.

Enormous Hassle
with this Erectile Dysfunction Treatment!

“Who wants to talk to a stranger online about your penis?  Does the Bluechew Free Trial matter at that point? How about discreet packaging, or a Free Month?”

What guy wants to talk to an unknown doctor on a live video conference call about how you “can’t get it up” in order to get an erectile dysfunction treatment?

Dealing with Bluechew is a lot different than talking about hair loss.

Pay careful attention that, after you chew, the $5 DOES NOT COVER any health problems you get after swallowing it. Remember there is no erection advantage with these tablets.  The color is even the same – blue.

What is the benefit? YOU have to pay for any medical expenses you get. Much after it’s shipped to your door, you’re on your own. This is a big erection difference compared to something like hair loss glop. There are no dangers using something like that.

It’s “on you,” any bluechew review is clear they will not help you pay any medical bills. You assume the risk of this sildenafil or tadalafil tablet.

The SECOND you swallow one, the same problems as a Cialis. Any health insurance co-pays and premiums are coming out of your wallet if you get sick.

What IS Bluechew?

Bluechew is generic viagra or cialiams with a new label slapped on
In this Bluechew Review I show it’s is just another ED drug with a new label slapped on. The sildenafil tadalafil in Chew is IDENTICAL to Viagra Cialis. ONE CHEW has the SAME hard dangers. Approved and available in the USA online does NOT mean it’s a service plan you should use for sex. With these health risks for high blood pressure, in the bluechew review final analysis, the following things don’t matter: the fact this ed medication lasts 24 hours or 46 hours (as of 2020, several NATURAL pills are lasting even longer than 46 hours, and work within a half-hour, for performance anxiety, because of explosive new formulas of concentrated herbal extracts), whether these chewable tablets come individually wrapped, how fast these erectile dysfunction pills are shipped within business days, whether the coupon code for this is for the active plan vs pro plan, whether with bluechew sildenafil you buy the active ingredient or bluechew tadalafil active plan at 2.5 mg, or 25 mg (same blood pressure heart problems!), or what the active ingredient in this ed medication is. “The Doc in a Box” on Zoom who gives you a health assessment online for these chewable tablets knows that bluechew offers NO payment for medical care if you get high blood pressure from symptoms of the active ingredient within 46 hours. Even WITH the free month!


Think about after tablets come for this ed treatment. The doctor who prescribes you the ED will NOT pay money out of his own pocket to cover your medical expenses for the erectile dysfunction treatment he just gave you.

YOU have to pay money to treat hospital visits, NOT BLUECHEW. NOT the Chew “Doc In a Box” or “Doc on Zoom”  – not him or her!

Repeat: the doctor will NOT pay for your medical expenses for this chewable sildenafil! It’s not his problem, and he is “gone.”

This includes – Dr. Alex Jovanovich, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of BlueChew,  will NOT Pay either!

Just because the FDA classifies this chewable sildenafil as safe, doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. There are many chemicals, pills, and injections that are techniclaly legal – but millions of men DO NOT want to put in their bodies, and want no part of.

Bluechew Reviews

Bluechew reviews all admit the major side effects
Bluechew Reviews show it has same active ingredient in ed medication. The chewable active ingredient for sex in one tablet of the bluechew sildenafil has the SAME hard dangers as Cialis, tadalafil or other medication. Approved and available in the USA online does NOT mean it’s the great plan or even better treatment made for sex.


THIS ITEM is just another chewable tablet with a different name. In other words, the exact same drug as Viagra or Cialis. Bluechew is the first prescription drug you chew before sexual activity within a short time frame.

But there are already Hims and Roman. Both also have the same dangers and work within 30 minutes. All use the same active ingredient as Viagra or Cialis. This item is available online through Bluechew tablets are available in two different generic ED medications: Sildenafil Tadalafil at 30 mg.

They will not pay your medical bills when, and if, you get High Blood Pressure from this chewable sildenfil? Does the free trial matter? Or if bluechew work?

They will NOT financially support your family if you swallow this ed treatment get a heart attack or stroke? Keep closely in mind that the free trial will NOT reimburse you for ANY of these expenses.

Note this chewable sildenafil is not FDA approved – because you eat it.

You need to look out for yourself – as the Bluechew company is not going to work this.  The manufacturer does not want to be financially responsible for you after you swallow this thing!

The safety information pack admits to these problems. With so many risks involved, many men DO NOT WANT to buy a “chewable tablet.” You are just purchasing a new delivery mechanism with the same dangers as other ed pills online. The 30day free trial is supposed to convince you that Bluechew actually works.

The problem for a lot of guys isn’t that there’s a free trial available, or what the Chicago Medical School has to say! You can already get ed pills online. $5 , or the fact you can “chew a treatment” instead of swallow it, isn’t going to make the same health concerns disappear.

Do you deserve a fast, NATURAL solution? There are better ways of treating performance anxiety. Bluechew offers two pills each month, in addition to 4 different types of packages. The Bluechew Tablet does nothing about sexually transmitted diseases.

This ed medication has the SAME active ingredient as ANY Viagra Pill. Your problems could start the FIRST MONTH. There are safer and faster ways to engage in sexual activity.

For a chewable viagra pill, you CANNOT swallow it whole as you would with Viagra. The right way to take a chewable viagra pill is to take the erectile dysfunction pill either before or after food. Beware if you “ate like a horse,” and consumed a large amount of food or beverages, it may take longer to work. This slow action from the active ingredient, in front of a woman, could keep your performance anxiety GOING. Not good for your sex life.

Many men want a solution for erectile dysfunction symptoms. But millions of men are truly frightened and ANGRY – as fathers, husbands, boyfriends – about what might happen to their bodies, health, and their families, from the harsh threats of prescrption ED drugs like Bluechew.

Unfortunately, Bluechew ED is just cheap off the shelf Viagra with a new label slapped on. Chewable tablets work the same as Viagra. Destroying the ability to get an erection. Irregular Heartbeat. Heart attack. Stroke. Even Death.

Remember these do not treat erectile dysfunction ED 100% all the time either. Health concerns can be so grave, a male cannot continue.

Low testosterone levels have little to do with erections. See this link from the American Urological Association (AUA).

What Blue Chew WILL create potentially is LOW BLOOD PRESSURE. Including with your blood flow and heart. Harvard Medical School source discussion here.

You might ask: Why order Bluechew, when you can buy male enhancement?

Good question. I believe it’s guys who just don’t know natural pills exist with no side effects and GREAT blood flow.

Keep in mind male enhancement are not prescription drugs. They will not work for all men.

But pills like Red Rex DO work for MANY men – fast, on demand, FOR YEARS. Without the hassle of getting a doctor’s prescription.
And no autobill free shipping that you have to keep cancelling.

If you have the choice between no side effects and erections on demand – I always recomemnd you try natural pills like Red Rex or Max Performer first.

As a last resort, for ED prescription Drugs like Bluechew, always see your doctor.

What Does Bluechew cost?

There is no free shipping.

$20 – 7 Sildenafil Chewables
$30 – a month 10 Sildenafil Chewables
$50 – every 30 days 17 Sildenafil Chewables
$90 – each 4 weeks 34 Sildenafil Chewables

For lasting erections during intercourse with a woman, many will NOT buy prescription ED meds like Viagra. Over-the-counter generics also have no real difference. Hims, Roman, and Bluechew, are simply another “Tom, Dick, and Harry.”

Exact same symptoms as Cialis and Levitra! (It’s challenging to have a romantic evening with humiliating face flushing and painful headaches!).

Millions pick all-natural enhancement for raised blood circulation to their penis. Others choose nonprescription viagra substitutes that are rock sure and quick performing. This is precisely how to be harder longer.

Many people don’t like erectile dysfunction. Worse, it can be caused by many things. This includes diabetes, psychological problems, or another medical diagnosis.

The website is NOT the cure-all for this. Viagra tablets have NEVER been seen as the “go to” for developed to get a man’s sex life. Worse you still have to see doctor (a stranger online) to get a prescription.

How The Bluechew Order Process Works

BlueChew is a U.S. online subscription service. You need to first get approved for these prescribed chewable Viagra tablets.

“Licensed doctors investigate your penis condition online.”

You have to hope they agree to give you  Sildenafil or Tadalafil. These are the well-known components in ED treatment.

Sildenafil is a drug that medicates  your blood vessels. Penile tissue will expand, and in turn, expanded erection ability.

You have to decide among several BlueChew plans, as to how much you want to spend a month.

One study shows at least 75% of men with ED do not want solutions such as BlueChew. The fact it’s the first chewable Viagra is not something the majority of men even want.

You can use a coupon code to get $20 off the first month of membership.

“There are 11 questions to answer. Doctors will ask you follow up questions about your penis by email. You have to make sure these penis emails do not go into your Spam folder – as many ISP’s can confuse this with Penis Enlargement spam that you DID NOT request. Be sure to WHITELIST the sender.”

Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Erectile Dysfunction Medications have some differences. But note they all have similar threats.

Sildenafil (Viagra). This usually is taken on an empty stomach one hour before intercourse. It will last for only up to 4 hours.

Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn). A high fat meal may dull the harm slightly.  However, this operates in much the same fashion.

Vardenafil is effective  if you have mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.

Avanafil (Stendra). This is another form of the Erectile Dysfunction Medications taken a half hour before sex. This is similar to ANY sildenafil tadalafil. Here the duration can be up to 6 hours.

Is BlueChew Safe?

BlueChew is made in the USA. The company is legit, but there are many problems with this male enhancement product.

We have seen that in this Bluechew Review.




Progentra Review: Bad Results for Sex? (Video 2019)

Progentra Review: Bad Results for Sex? (Video 2019)

In this Supplement Secrets® Progentra Review: For erectile dysfunction, if you want the Best Male Enhancement Pills for Men this may instead deliver uncertain results for sex.

In this Progentra Review Video, We Go Deep to See Whether It Really Works to Increase Sexual Performance, Penis Size, and Improved Libido:

⬆︎Press Play and Turn Up
Your Volume And Speakers
(SAFE To Watch At Work) ⬆︎

Update: Red Rex is The First Natural Male Enhancer Specifically Made for Men Over 50. We are getting many emails Where to Buy Red Rex and “when their next 50% Off Flash Sale is.” The best way to know is to get on their email list over at their website. Click Here for a Direct Hit to their Website


Where To Buy Progentra is a Problem!

In reviewing Progentra for sex, you’ve got a tough job. Several complaints about these male enhancement pills blow up to be examined, in an instant.

There are many men who want an erectile dysfunction supplement to boost their ability to achieve an erection, and also sustain it for a long time. More stamina is also a desire.

Let’s start here. The Progentra penis pill is made by BioLabs. Already this company name may ring alarm bells. 

It sounds similar to the Incredible Dignity Bio-Labs Investigation in our Viril X Reviews – Video Here.

Progentra Male Enhancement Pills made by same company that makes Viril X, with side effects.

Bio-Labs has a “Grade F” from the United States Better Business Bureau.

So this is far from the ultimate erection booster by Biolabs. No word whether this crew is approved by the FDA. However, this is not unusual. Sex Pills are not. Male enhancement drugs, meanwhile, are regulated.

Instead, one rumor is these sex pills come out of Italy. It’s supposedly a bigger playboy in the European Market than America. Indeed, there is No U.S. Address on the website for this brand. They have a toll free number for customer service, but no physical location.

Yet, these guys know precisely how to get YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION however. Your credit card info that is. On the checkout page, there is button for International Orders.

When it comes to men’s sexual health, you want to know who you’re dealing with. (This is also a problem with Where to Buy Viril X.) Progentra has a bigger size volume in search than most pills. This is not necessarily always good.

This can be a warning sign, especially when it comes to male enhancement pills. All the talk about “enlarged penis” shows heavy promotion to buy Progentra online by “affiliate marketers” other than the official website.

Fake Male Enhancement Reviews have been a problem.

You won’t believe these two examples: Click here for our Green Lumber Supplement Investigation. Also, see our reveal of Hardon Helper – What Happened to Dr Seltzer.

Right now, to purchase, it’s available on eBay and Amazon. (NOT GNC). Even Walmart isn’t selling it. This was another issue for Dr Hardon HOH, look here for our explanation of WHY IT’S GONE at Walmart.

This is typical when a pill has run its course on the market. For example, the Red Fortera Ingredients changed three times. It’s now being sold on Ebay.

Often a brand has leftover inventory they still have in stock, they need to get rid of. So, it’s offloaded to eBay and Amazon to sell cheap. Then they move on.

What IS Progentra?
Progentra is a male enhancement pill and a penis enlargement tablet.

Progentra claims to be “The Best Male Enhancement” in the World for Sex.

It also claims to be both an erection pill AND a penis enlargement supplement. It’s an “Enhanced Male” supplement who cannot satisfy their partner sexually. They also want increased confidence and a larger penis size.

I’ve been rating male enhancement products a LONG TIME. In my experience, one product cannot do both really well at the same time.

You want a Specialist that is “CUSTOM MADE” for your age group. A “generalist” can be fine for the mass market – or younger guys – who do not need that much erection boost.

Red Pill Male Enhancement is one example, click here.

When it comes to sex, no man likes a smaller penis size. (It’s hard to feel like the “cock of the walk”.) However, rapid blood flow to the penile shaft and erection quality are more of a concern for older men. (Most fellows want the ability to perform foreplay and last longer, even after orgasm.)

Another problem is that – Bio Labs is already pumping out “Mickey Mouse” followups for erection duration such as Malegenix.

Another is Biomanix – also claiming to be “The Best in The World”! (How can you have two?)

Anamax, Endowmax, Penlargerem, Makava, and Rexazyte, are ready for market penetration, when sales climax for Progentra. This is already “more than a threesome!”

This may be another sign that the goal was to “Penetrate the Market” for a “suck out.” Once the popularity dies out, they move on.

Does Progentra Really Work?

For the Best Male Enhancement Pills, if they work, and is legit, it will usually continue to sell under its original brand name – and not offloaded to eBay.

Counterfeit Male Enhancement Pills are always an issue. These “hard on pills” seem to exist for real, but there are many issues.

Progentra claims to have 11 herbal ingredients. This formula surges PDE-5 by opening the blood vessels in the penile chambers.

Certain brands like Virectin Loaded, Zytenz Pills, Red Rex, and EnhanceRx have been on the market for years. People wonder about a Progentra Scam.

It’s hard to say. But if a pill has “run its course” for sex and Progentra is trying to sell cheap what’s left – this is not a sign that Progentra necessarily works.

At the same time, Progentra clearly HAS sold – so it may be effective. Let’s focus closer.

How Do You Use Progentra?

According to Progentra, you have to take this pill every day. 2 at breakfast. And then, another 2 before sex.

The dose is 4 pills a day. This clearly a daily pill. For many guys, including guys over 50, this is a lot of use.

The company claims they have the the top-rated male enhancement pill . But Progentra produces no real reviews aside from their affiliate marketers. This may be OK in some cases. But the claims are so far-fetched, that many guys wonder.

There is no word whether, in addition to sex, it also deals with premature ejaculation. This is one claim they stay away from. Apparently, it is not a specialist in semen volume like Semenax.

For all the talk about penis enlargement, this is NOT one of the male fertility supplements. It has nothing to do with spermatogenesis.

Is Progentra Permanent or Mumbo Jumbo?

In all the Progentra Reviews, we’ve analyzed, there is no evidence that a hard erection will be permanent. Your boner will climax and die if you stop taking the pill.

Their secret for sexual intercourse appears to be their “ADVANCED SYNER-BOOST” formula. But, from the website, and other Progentra Videos, I couldn’t figure out if this actually means anything! Or just “fancy-sounding” marketing.

Indeed, this ADVANCED SYNER-BOOST sounds like the VI-PEX and STEM technologies thrown around that seem to be Same Mumbo-Jumbo in our Male UltraCore Review – Click Here for That Video!

Another red flag is if a supplement will not even tell you how it works for sex. If a pill is so effective, most consumers expect a business to tell you how it really works before you buy. For that, check out our look at Longevity Male Enhancement.

What Are the Progentra Results Before and After?Progentra Results may not come easily. This male enhancement pill does not work fast. The price is also very expensive

Results will not come prematurely. Because, if you look at a picture at how fast it works, Progentra says it could take up to 6 months of daily use. Whether or not you are having sex. 

They also say it can be used “as needed.” I’ve never heard of an erectile dysfunction treatment that says both. In our GTG Hard Review, we look at the dangers of a supplement that is very confusing about how it works.

So it’s unclear what is going on.

What are the Progentra Side Effects?

Progentra Side Effects are a problem because of the Ingredients, which include Tongkat Ali.

More confusion in this Progentra Review comes because, when you take this pill before sex, the company claims there are no side effects.

Yet, their Ingredients Label shows additives widely known to create health hazards.

WebMD confirms that a Progentra Ingredient – Tongkat Ali – can cause Premature Balding.

Tongkat Ali Hair Loss is well known.

The Side Effects get worse.

Tongkat Ali can also cause aggression, including around females, and aggression.

This is why another medical source claims ‘anything over 300 MG a day can be too much for many men.’

Tongkat Ali is best after muscle building. This is why the young guys who lift weights at the gym use it – but also start going bald early. “Long Jack” does little for erection strength or size for middle-age and older guys.

This is a problem you don’t want to get involved in.

To give you a warning of what can happen with side effects, see our analysis of V Rox Maximum Strength.

And also G Rock Me.

Progentra Ingredients

In addition to the dangers of Tongkat, here are the other additives on their label:

Horny Goat Weed is used in this formula. However, it is not the MAXIM version which is the most potent form of Epimedium Brevicornum. This is a more elite herbal extract, used by Red Rex.

L-Arginine is also inserted. It’s an amino acid that boosts nitric oxide. This is the blood gas that EXPANDS the penile chambers. But it is the powder version HCL – NOT the Ethyl Ester version, claimed to be more powerful for older men.

Tribulus Terrestris is another benefit they claim for sexual encounters. Tribulus is noted for testosterone boosting. However, Consumer Reports cites clinical studies. They say more testosterone does not mean better erections. The two have little to do with each other.

Many guys would love an Instant ED Pill that did not have the side effects of Prescription ED Drugs. But Natural Male Enhancers will not always work for 100% of all men.
Many guys would love an Instant ED Pill that did not have the side effects of Prescription ED Drugs. But Natural Male Enhancers will not always work for 100% of all men.

Damiana Leaf Extract is another herb they stick in. Damiana was once banned in a U.S. State however. It may boost emotional feelings during sex. However, it has little direct effect on erection power. The medical authority RxList confirms certain Damiana Side Effects like headaches and even convulsions.

Maca is well known to boost sex drive. And an energy surge. However, Maca Root Powder is NOT known to affect your ability to “get it up directly.” If you are not aroused, one benefit, is that it WILL get you in the mood. And may even make HER horny when she sees your desire for her.

Butea Superba is a shrub from Thailand men can feel as an aphrodisiac. It can also boost testosterone. But there is small evidence it vasodilates blood vessels for larger penile size. Even for “micropenis.” 

Muira Puama is a natural herbal remedy meant to lengthen short erection duration and tumescence. However, the exact dosage to achieve this has never been identified.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa is a moss that grows on trees. It does contain a PDE-5 inhibitor which helps vasodilation. But it often grows on asphalt roads, and thus could have heavy metal toxicity if you swallow it

Progentra Customer Reviews?

There are plenty of reviews for people who wanted to buy Progentra online. Unfortunately, these male enhancement pills have a disturbing 77% 1 Star Reviews at Amazon.

One customer says he took one Progentra pill, but nothing happened.

Another customer was seeking enhanced male libido. However, he says Progentra was “no good.”

Regarding a Progentra Scam, another customer even claims: “It’s just powder only. Total fake.”

It should be said there were several 5 Star Reviews. However, there were more negative complaints.

Does the Progentra Price Make Sense ?

Remember, if you buy Progentra online, the dose requires you must take it every day. Progentra is NOT an immediate erection pill. So, you have to buy a bunch of bottles.

So this will drive up your cost when you purchase Progentra. Your expense will NOT be cheap.

The price for 1 bottle is about $70. This is expensive for a daily supplement. You have to take 2 pills every day, and there are only 60 pills in each bottle.

1 bottle will only last 15 days.

Remember, the time duration can take up to 6 months to work. This means you have to buy a minimum of 12 Bottles at a total out lay of $840 to get hard erections. And then you have to keep spending more money for more bottles, apparently, if you want to keep the effect going.

Also, keep in mind Progentra ships from Europe. The Progentra customer service says it can take up to 8 days for you to receive your order.

Some guys, for example, younger guys, may not mind this expense or the wait time for delivery. But older guys, for this amount of money, yes, may look for other alternatives.