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QT Booty Pills Reviews: Why It’s #1 for Young Women (Video – 2020)

QT Booty Pills Review: #1 for Young Women (2020)

In this QT Booty Pills Review we’ll cover: best diet pills for weight loss?

In this QT BOOTY Pills Review Video, We Look at Results: Does It Really Work Before and After to Lose Weight for Increased Physical Attraction, Even if What You Tried Before Failed to Keep the Pounds Off:

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#1 for 2020 – QT Booty Pills ★★★★★

QT Booty Pills Review

by Brittany Cooper, Female Weight Loss Reviews, Supplement Secrets®

GIRLS: You want to Lose Fat Fast so you Look Hot in a Bikini, Fit Into Your Wedding Dress, or Attract Hot Guys.

You DO NOT want to:

  • be Embarrassed by Side Effects like “Pooping” and “Gas” when dressed in Short Shorts or Leggings, a Little Black Dress, or wearing a String Bikini on the Beach
  • get Taken Advantage Of by Wasting Money on Female Fat Burner Reviews that are NOT Specifically Made to Work for Younger Women: Booty, Belly, and Love Handles
  • Waste Time on Fat Burners that “Take Forever” to Work – weeks or even months. This is fine for Older Women, or Men. As a Younger Woman with a Busy Lifestyle, you want the convenience of Fast Fat Loss that starts happening “THIS WEEK”

What are QT Booty Pills?

QT Booty® is The First Female Fat Burner Specifically Made for Younger Women. This is the straightforward way they explain it, and I think it’s accurate. It’s a weight loss pill, used to help you lose weight. It does this by naturally suppressing your appetite, speeding up your metabolism by helping fat burning. All with no side effects.

So it is a diet pill specifically made to work very powerful for young women, age 18 to 35.

Why is QT Booty® Different? ( 6 Ways)

After trying this pill personally, and lookimg at alternatives, there are actually several ways I see this formula is actually different from the bazillion diet pills online right now.

I broke it down, let’s take a look:

  1. QT Booty is The First Female Fat Burner Specifically Made for Young Women. QT Booty claims they tested several prototype samples on Young Women across America over a period of 14 months. The winning formula became QT Booty. This is different, as no other weight loss pill out there is just for young women age 18 to 35.
  2. These diet pills combine three novel and cutting edge natural weight loss ingredients into 1 Unique Proprietary Blend.  They claim this blend, at a certain ratio and dosage that results in dramatic natural appetite suppressant and naturally speeds up metabolsim with no side effects.
  3. Because the weight loss is radical and effective, it is suitable for special occasions when you “MUST” look hot. They claim the usual social occasions that Young Women all want to look great for. Such as,  Weddings, Hot Guys, Spring Break, and Prom Night.
  4. At first this confused me, because I was not sure if they also tested this blend just for these occasions. However, they are saying that, because this blend is so powerful, it is naturally best suited when you need to be “ön your game”  for so-called ‘guaranteed weight loss” – when you need to make sure the weight is off.
  5. Despite the name of “QT Booty”it is in fact meant to work “All Over Your Body.” This is in contrast to other fat loss pills which are made for both men and women – “One Size Fits All.” Or are supposedly “made for women” but are basically the same ingredients that is in a man’s fat loss pill. I do admit these are novel ingredients that I haven;t seen in many pills, and certainly not all together in one blend. Nothing different for women there!
  6. QT Booty®  claims on their website that  quote, “This could be “The 1 Thing” you need to Remove Ugly Stubborn Fat in the hardest-to-lose areas on your body: hips, thighs, belly, and butt. ” Again, they make a good argument based on how the formula was 1) The First Specifically Made for Young Females: 2) tested on real young gals across America; 2) specifically made in 6 different ways; 3) the three ingredients, all shown in clincial tests to benefit weight loss, combined together have a dramatic effect when combined.

What are the QT Booty Ingredients?

There are 3 ingredients in these diet pills.  This makes it powerful, according to the company. Because it allows for more of each ingredient and more powerful extracts.

Your average weight loss supplement has 10 or 20 ingredients in each capsule. This means it may not be as powerful as a focused, specialized pill with just 3 dominant doses.

So there is a scientific basis for this slimming tablet to help you shed the pounds and trim down.

Nowhere is this formula are: Caffeine, Glucomannan, or Yohimbe. These 3 ingredients are in many other weight loss pills. All can have embarrassing side effects, especially for females.

DOES QT Booty Work? (Customer Review)

QT Booty® has been selling for several years, and it appears to work. Young women would not keep buying a fat loss pill that did not work. Many brands come and go, the effective ones remain, so this tells you something.

I also personally tried these diet pills for 3 weeks since New Year’s and I lost 12 pounds. I also had no side effects. I am 28 years old. I was delighted with my results, and would buy again in a heartbeat.

I recently tried Hydroxycut Leanx for the holidays at the end of 2019, and it was just not a pleasant experience. I had gastrointestinal problems and diarrhea from the caffeine.

We are calling this brand a pill to watch and a major new hot fat loss pill for women as sales continue to increase as of 2020.

How to Take QT Booty :

QT Booty® requires just 1 Pink Pill each day.


QT Booty is currently retailing for $29 for 1 month supply. This is also a great price considering how effective I thought this pill was. There are brands for sale at Amazon at 3 times this cost.

QT Booty Reviews regarding Does QT Booty Work say that QT Booty is The Leading Female Fat Burner Specifically Made for Young Women!

These Very Special Occasions include: Weddings, Hot Guys, Spring Break, and Prom Night!

How Fast Does QT Booty Work?

QT Booty Customer Reviews generally claim it is an INSTANT Fat Burner that starts working by the first pill you take to curb appetite.

I will tell you that I felt it kick in after about 1 hour on Day 1. I was just not hungry for the rest of the day, although I could eat whenever I wanted to.

QT Booty Directions:

This weight loss supplement is made only for a Younger Woman’s Very Special Occasions. QT Booty works “All Over Your Body.” This is in contrast to other fat loss pills which are made for both men and women – “One Size Fits All.”

QT Booty Ingredients:

Most fat burners are made for Men and Women – “One Size Fits All.” Or are supposedly “made for women” but are basically the same ingredients that is in a man’s fat loss pill. Nothing different for women there!

QT Booty has “Just 3 Ingredients” that work most reliably to suppress appetite. The easiest way to lose fat fast is to NOT BE HUNGRY. QT Booty has a Unique Proprietary Blend that was tested and proven by Young Women across America.

The 3 ingredients have each been shown to benefit weight loss.

The QT Booty

QT Booty Side Effects?

QT Booty® is Made Only for Younger Women with NO Caffeine and NO Yohimbe

This means you avoid embarrassment such as pooping and diarrhea during Very Special Occasions.

Is This Supplement FDA Approved?

QT Booty is made of a Unique Proprietary Blend of Natural Herbal Extracts which are a Natural Appetite Suppressant. It “works all over your body” so you lose fat fast. The FDA does not regulate natural dietary supplements.